The 'Emojitones' Paint Chip Art Series Abstracts Emoticons

 - Jun 14, 2013
References: instagram
'Emojitones' is a series of paint chip art by David Schwen that abstracts emoticons with Pantone paint cards. Schwen shares his creations on Instagram, and so far has created a little green turtle, a slice of pizza, cherries with a leaf and a hamburger. Although some of the pixellated objects might be difficult to recognize initially, Schwen includes the emotion of the object he is recreating in the comment section of each photo uploaded.

The series uses the subtle variances in shades of Pantone paint chips to create inventive digital-like artwork. The rectangular Pantone paint chips make the perfect material to mock pixels, bringing virtual computer elements into the real world. These inventive creations are the follow-up project to Schwen's successful Pantone food art pairings.