- Jul 31, 2014
As the world-renowned authority on color, Pantone has inspired this range of swatch-themed products, interior design examples and marketing campaigns.

Standouts from this list range from color chart dwellings to paint chip product branding that has taken the world of retail by storm. Whether showcased on clothing items or on home decor accents, the Pantone aesthetic is gaining immense popularity around the globe.

The color authority serves as the inspiration behind the Pantone Hotel, a dwelling that celebrates swatches and shades with its fresh and modern design. Along with the hotel, other colorful interior designs include Pantone Universe's Home Appliances installation that celebrates a range of complementing hues.

Other memorable examples from this list include Pantone-themed ornaments for the holiday season and paint swatch sweets that are inspired by the color spectrum.

From Color Swatch Lodgings to Pixelated Paint Chip Calendars: