The Toscatti Packaging is Categorized by Color for Customer Convenience

 - Feb 16, 2012
References: anagrama & packagingoftheworld
Premium kitchenware company Toscatti teamed up with the Anagrama design firm to create a fresh, approachable look for the debuting brand. Focusing on Toscatti's large line of durable kitchen containers, Anagrama thought it was best to categorize the different size and capacity characteristics of the culinary cases in an intuitive way. It was determined that color coding was the most logical form of categorization that could be easily identified on store shelves.

Rather than add unnecessary flourish to something that was already incredibly vibrant, Anagrama took a minimalist route and made the Toscatti labels appear as simple pantone chips. Creating a strong visual impact, the Toscatti labels are memorable in their minimalism and brilliant color. The logo was created using geometric shapes, but the typography is devoid of sharp edges in order to make the brand appear friendly and approachable.

Simple, straightforward and eye-poppingly vibrant, the Toscatti packaging is as beautiful as it is intuitive.