From Antioxidant Body Washes to Diamond-Infused Skin Serums

 - Feb 21, 2015
Giving yourself a pampering bathroom experience can make a big difference to your calm and confidence day to day. This multifunctional room in the home can easily be seen as an unclean place, but it isn't difficult to spruce it up and make it your own intimate sanctuary.

Luxury bathroom products may give you the assertive composure that you seek, making items like a $24,000 tanning lotion or a diamond-infused dermatological oil your proudest investments. If a more precious form of indulgence is not your cup of tea, perhaps your interests in organic hygiene and beauty products are what make you feel like you glow. This collection of body washes, shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers all have some extra element that make them lush and luxe. The infusion of vitamins, minerals and aromatherapy, and even presentation in lavish packaging, all produce pampering bathroom products.