Skir Luxus Packaging Mimics a Meandering Earth Motif

 - Sep 20, 2011
References: deniscarroll & thedieline
The salon and skincare products that tend to attract the most consumers bear some suggestion to natural ingredients, and hence a complementary visual reference to them as well. Unlike many organically influenced bath blends, Skir Luxus packaging avoids the overused symbols of the leaf and the flower.

Instead, designer Denis Carroll gave every box and bottle in the Diamond Collection a smooth and sinuous striped appearance, inspired by the undulating contours of moving molten lava. The blacks and whites in the serpentine pattern represent the hot fluid rock, while the assorted third colors speak to the aroma of each mixture. Skir Luxus packaging does in fact contain concoctions of volcanic minerals as soaps and shampoos, but in addition to channeling a look of organic topography, it appeals as an abstract and contemporary graphic impression.