From Jetsetter Grooming Kits to Stony Scent Branding

 - Apr 22, 2015
Makers of male grooming products are becoming increasingly creative in their efforts to attract men into purchasing their products. When it comes to things like perfumes, shaving kits and even skincare, the messaging is as important as the performance of the product itself. And packaging is a great way to control messaging and target a particular demographic even within the male gender.

This has led to cosmetics manufacturers into harnessing classic, cliche symbols of masculinity into their packaging. Moustache-topped bottles are a great way to sell a line of grooming products for examples. Perfume and colognes are most likely to attract men's attentions if they are metallic, stony or otherwise rustic looking as compared to bottles sheathed in pink velvet.

Ultimately, intelligent male grooming packaging is about getting men to associate the product with their ideal view of themselves, making them feel better about themselves and making them feel like they must use the product in question to become the best version of themselves.