The Star Trek Scents are Redesigned for the Star Trek Sequel

Just in time for the release of the Star Trek sequel, 'Star Trek: Into Darkness,' the fragrances commemorating the franchise have been redesigned. The sleek new packaging is graphic and modern, making the colognes and perfumes seem like believable go-to fragrances for members of the Starship Enterprise.

The fragrances channel traits of beloved characters like Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu and Captain Kirk, and play up sensual essences of the universe like 'Pon faar.' For example, the Red Shirt scent pays tribute to the short lifespans of the series' stock characters. The scent "is a made for the young, modern man of the galaxy who doesn’t hesitate: who revels in being alive today," according to the company site.

These sci-fi scents for men and women would make the perfect gift for your favorite geek.