Give off a Manly Scent with the Moonshine Cologne

 - Nov 14, 2011
References: facebook & uncrate
Blood and sweat won't make you smell like a man, so thankfully, the Moonshine Cologne is here to help.

The Moonshine Cologne guarantees that no man will have to drink himself to a drunken stupor for that musky, boozy smell that apparently passes off as a masculine scent. The fragrance, as the company describes it, gives off a woodsy aroma with "notes of black pepper, tobacco, gin and patchouli" built for a man. Complementing this rich description is the packaging that the cologne is housed in. It comes in a burlap sack and a wooden box for a presentation that’s elegant and manly at the same time.

Want to give off the powerful husky smell of booze without hitting the bars? The Moonshine Cologne will show you what it takes to give off the right aroma without the mix of alcohol and bad breath.