The Zara Denim Couture Line Takes on the Texture of Jeans

The Zara Denim Couture products is a new line of perfumes for men, with the packaging design done by Aktiva Studio. The design team really focused on taking the denim name and infusing it into the branding of this product.

The perfume comes in two types of fragrances, including Denim Couture and Extreme Denim Couture. The extreme kind has an orange coloring whereas the regular product keeps with that cooler, blue jean look. Overall the packaging is quite minimalist with the main draw being the texture and coloring used for both fragrances.

For men looking for perfume packaging to match their jeans, the Zara Denim Couture line is a good place to start. It's not often that a fragrance matches the style of one's pants!