From Eco Awareness Fragrances to Luxury Organic Fragrances

 - Nov 30, 2015
Fragrance gifts are a timeless holiday present you can gift almost anyone. With scents for both men and women, these perfumes are sure to have the receiver smelling delightful.

If the person on your gift list is a fan of couture, the Windex-shaped Moschino fragrance 'Fresh Couture' is a scent worth trying. Viktor & Rolf's 'BonBon' perfume is also a fashion favorite.

Men can also benefit from these fragrance gifts with the 'BARB' cologne targeted at the rugged man, whereas the nautical male may enjoy Motley Cyprus's seawater fragrance.

Moreover, these fragrance gifts also include bizarre-smelling perfumes such as the 'Obfleshion,' which provides an undead scent, while Comme de Garcon's 'Pollution' cologne reeks of grass, leaves, pollen and waste.