Commodity Perfume's Let's Customers Try Before They Buy

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: commoditygoods & coolhunting
Commodity perfume is doing something that very few companies ever do -- letting the user try before they buy. The company's fitting knit line will let users try different fragrances for a very low price and use that same money to put towards a full-purchase of their favorite scents.

For many people, buying perfume is a process. Many individuals find themselves with all different kinds of perfume, some of which get a lot of use while others simply sit on the shelf. What Commodity perfume is doing is allowing shoppers to have more of the heavy rotation scents and less of the filler.

The company will be selling their scents for nine dollars each, some men's, some women's and some unisex and whichever the customer decides to buy already has a $9 down payment from the initial purchase.