- Sep 10, 2015
These pop culture-inspired cosmetics draw inspiration from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Although it may seem like an usual partnership, cosmetics companies have a long history of promoting media icons and their work. These collaborations demonstrate that the world of film and TV provides the perfect source of make-up inspiration.

Some of the most interesting cosmetics collections are those that promote a new film or TV show. These collections manage to turn fictional characters and fantasy worlds into beautiful make-up palettes. Some of these collections include Disney princess polishes, evil queen-inspired eyeshadows and sci-fi lipsticks.

Beyond the promotion of a new film or TV show, there are a number of cosmetics collections that draw inspiration from the past. These collections evoke feelings of nostalgia by presenting consumers with iconic images and beloved characters. Some of these vintage pop culture-inspired collections include cartoon character eyeshadows, cult movie manicures and classic film cosmetics.

From Disney Princess Lipsticks to Superhero Skincare Masks: