From Ergonomic Baseball Bats to Jester Fashion

 - Jul 14, 2015
Harley Quinn's crazy clown image is perfect for any would-be villain. Becoming a princess of crime requires more than just applying makeup and having a mallet, but it helps.

The upcoming Suicide Squad film next year has brought a renewed interest in DC's favorite female crazy clown. Nowadays, Harley Quinn cosplayers have overrun comic book conventions from San Diego to Calgary. Most outfits adhere to the classic animated series image, but every year cosplayers deviate towards Suicide Squad-inspired crazy clown apparel. The collection features aesthetics that could inspire a more tailored crazy clown look, but fashion is just half of it. To be fully immersed in complete lawless kookiness, one also needs gear such as baseball bats and personal grappling hooks.

The crazy clown ensemble would be an amusing costume choice for any super villain.