The Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka Will Annihilate Anyone in the Way

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: amazon & hiconsumption
At some point in a person's life, they may have wanted to fire a bazooka but since laws in the Western part of the world generally limit one's accessibility in using such a weapon, the Marshmallow Fun Company has provided people with an alternative way to express this need with its Marshmallow Bazooka.

The Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka will satisfy anyone's desire to shoot a weapon without the danger of actually hurting anyone. The high-powered marshmallow shooter is unlike any other shooting device out there. The confectionery launcher can shoot marshmallows up to 40-feet, which is achievable with its electronic air compressor. It's also fashioned with an LED indicator to fully utilize its deadly marshmallow capabilities.

Since rage can easily bottle-up inside a person, the Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka is the perfect substitute for going to the gun range.