From Cereal Campfire Sandwiches to Somber Cemetery Snacks

 - Sep 12, 2014
One of the best things about autumnal weather is huddling around a campfire with friends while it's still warm enough to be outside but cold enough to want to sit by a fire with marshmallow treats. While s'mores typically have a hold on sweet campfire bites, increasing numbers of unusual marshmallow-containing recipes are emerging. From a spin on the s'mores classic to savoury snacks, the marshmallow is becoming increasingly popular.

While many of us are familiar with standard s'mores staples like graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow, some are choosing to change it up in surprising and delicious ways. Campfire dessert cones is one, while campfire themed wings takes things in a saltier direction. Others are choosing to print their selfies on marshmallows. Marshmallow treats can also be adapted to fit different holidays from Halloween's gruesome edible eyeballs to crunchy Christmas lollipops.