The Lucky Charms Cheesecake Recipe is Perfect for St. Patrick's Day

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: thefoodinmybeard & neatorama
The marshmallow cereal that is a staple of countless childhoods just got a whole lot cheesier. This clever spin on Lucky Charms uses the marshmallow cereal as the key ingredient in a delicious-looking cheesecake that's perfect for celebrating St. Patrick's Day -- or curing the effects of the following morning.

The first step of the recipe from The Food in my Beard blog calls for bakers to separate the oat pieces from the marshmallow Lucky Charms. Honestly, I'd probably just stop at that point and just pour some milk into the straight marshmallow pieces, mercifully liberated from those pesky oat pieces. In the case of the recipe, the oat pieces are used to make the crust of the cheesecake. The rest is a fairly standard cheesecake recipe, which means that there's some room for experimentation and personal touches.

Those roasted marshmallows on the top of the cheesecake look sweetly delicious too. You'll definitely have the St. Patrick's Day luck of the Irish with this dessert.