From Spicy Sorbets and Pizza Treats to Vegetable-Flavored Desserts

 - Feb 10, 2015
There's always vanilla to fall back on, but anyone who's a fan of trying new and wacky ice cream flavors could be seriously spoiled for choice. Your supermarket may not stock strange recipes, and neither may your local ice cream parlor; but check out this buffet of bizarre frozen blends and you'll know which to track one down for your peculiar taste.

A great starting point for a unique treat is always the eccentric and eclectic offerings of Ben & Jerry's ice creams. This well-established creamery is constantly mixing sweet, savory, smooth and crunchy together for utterly singular desserts. Häagen-Dazs has even produced root veggie recipes that feature unconventional inclusions like tomatoes, carrots and pumpkins in your milky treat. I wouldn't be surprised if almost every food under the sun has been tested in the form of a wacky ice cream flavor, as you'll see popcorn, beer, hot sauce, wasabi and even crocodile egg ice creams here.