Jon Defreest Creates Spoof Ben and Jerry's Flavors

Jon Defreest uses pop cultural characters to create a series of fake Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavors. Since the Boston-based illustrator and graphic designer Defreest's hilarious flavor Photoshops hit the Internet they have become viral. The American ice cream company Ben and Jerry's even had to release an official statement stating it was not making these flavors of frozen desserts.

The faux series features a range of ice creams that poke fun at television and film's famous characters, from the Sterling Scooper based on the Mad Men character Roger Sterling to Tobias Funke's 'I Just Blew Myself' flavor. A few of the other characters spoofed are: Dwight Shrute, Dexter Morgan, Walter White, The Dude and Boba Fett.

These entertaining treats by Jon Defreest will make you wish the Ron Swanson's 'All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have' was in fact a real flavor.