- Jul 21, 2014
If National Ice Cream Day is something that you look forward to, then this list of indulgent ice cream recipes will surely have you craving some frozen treats.

Defying convention, these recipes range from DIY frozen desserts to vegan soft serve treats. These examples transform everyone's favourite summer treat and find a versatile range of uses for the delicious snack.

Notable examples from this list of indulgent ice cream recipes include Philadelphia-based company Little Baby's Ice Cream that is inspired by cold pizza. The brand's signature flavor mimics the Italian food staple and challenges traditional ideas of ice cream as a sweet snack.

More honorable mention goes to Japanese sushi chain Uokura's ice cream sushi that pairs together vanilla and seaweed flavors to create a dessert for seafood lovers.

From DIY Frozen Desserts to Vegan Soft Serve Treats: