The Sriracha Ice Cream Sandwiches Revolutionize Savory & Sweet Combinations

 - Oct 8, 2012
References: theglutlife & foodbeast
Pushing boundaries in the modern world of baking is the recipe for Sriracha Ice Cream Sandwiches. This recipe marries a variety of unlikely flavors including Srirachi hot sauce, Thai basil vanilla ice cream, coconut and peanut butter.

It is the cookie dough in this recipe that truly deserves a thorough breakdown of ingredients. Aside from the classic irresistible cookie flavors of peanut butter, chocolate and coconut, over a quarter cup of fiery Sriracha hot sauce is incorporated into this delicious dough.

Once the spicy cookies come out from the oven and have cooled, a generous helping of cool, refreshing Thai basil vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two of the biscuits to complete the dish.

The Sriracha Ice Cream Sandwiches demonstrate the extent to which savory and sweet flavors are being combined to create unconventional dishes.