These Alcoholic Asian Drinks Take Inspiration from Pho and Hot Sauce

 - May 4, 2015
Pho, pomegranate, ginger and spicy Sriracha sauce are some of the flavorful additions that you'll find in these Asian drinks. Although these ingredients are commonly added to Asian food dishes, they're so much a part of the cultural cuisine, these spicy, fruity flavors are being borrowed for the creation of alcoholic cocktails. For example, Erin Hayes' Thai-inspired cocktail channels some of the most distinctive flavors of the country with a variety of regional ingredients like coconut, lime, lemongrass syrup and fish sauce.

It's not always easy to replicate the authentic taste of Pad Thai, Pho or Chinese spring rolls at home, but these creative Asian-inspired cocktails provide a failproof way to enjoy the most popular flavors of the continent in your own kitchen.