From Bite-Sized Gourmet Subs to Upscale Wasabi Sliders

 - Jun 9, 2015
These slider dishes range from bite-sized favorites to unconventional snacks. Whether the consumer has a vegan diet or a limitless one, these sliders aim to satisfy.

Vegetarian sliders such as the garden slider feature flavorful fruits and a refreshing taste. However, carnivores can find comfort in spicy waffle sandwiches that include a spicy chicken strip housed between two miniature waffles. For those who enjoy a good Japanese dish, salmon sushi sliders are a definite go-to. Packed with rice, cucumber and all popular sushi ingredients, this slider may be small but it carries major flavor. Vegan-friendly sliders are also featured within this category of slider dishes. Meatless mini burgers make the perfect dish for those with an animal-free diet.

With something for every kind of foodie, these slider dishes appeal to all audiences.