This Delicious Gourmet Sliders are Topped with Sriracha, Fries and Gravy

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: sheknows & sheknows
A good burger meal traditionally comes with fries but thanks to these Gourmet Sliders by She Knows now you can enjoy the delicious taste of fried potatoes inside your burger along with a healthy helping of cheese, gravy and spicy Sriracha sauce. These poutine burgers are sure to make your tummy grumble.

While burgers are not the healthiest food option out there, these poutine gourmet sliders are made entirely from scratch -- bun included. The burger buns are made from eggs, water, yeast and flour without any artificial flavoring. The burgers are made from natural beef, onions, spices and Sriracha sauce for an added fiery kick. The burgers are then topped with homemade poutie made with a beef broth gravy, cheddar cheese and frozen fries.