- May 4, 2015
While you may think you've had your fair share of margaritas, there are an impressive number of innovative margarita recipes that make it easy to create a cocktail with a fun spin on the classic. Additionally, there are a bevy of Mexico-inspired cocktails that bring the flavors of Mexico into a unique and dynamic variety of cocktails.

From delicious fruit-filled cocktails that blend cantaloupe with the fiery flavor of Sriracha to pre-mixed tequila-infused beers that recall the Corona Margarita popular at many Tex-Mex restaurant chains, there are plenty of ways to infuse your drinking habits with the spirit of Mexico in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Whether you are looking for some new recipes to include at your Cinco de Mayo party or are looking to expand your palate, there are plenty of Mexican cocktails to peruse for inspirations.

From Hot Cayenne Pepper Lemonade to Seasonal Margarita Recipes: