From Convenient Penne Pastas to Remixed Gourmet Pastas

 - Jul 9, 2015
Inspired by quality Italian cuisine or straight from Italy, these pasta dishes appeal to all audiences.

While meaty Mexican pastas offer the best of Mexican flavors and Italian cuisine, Mediterranean pesto dishes contribute all the cultural flavors of the Mediterranean. For the pasta lovers with a gluten-free diet, grain-free gnocchi pasta dishes are a family favorite.

These pasta dishes also include a line of seafood-friendly options. Lobster ravioli features stuffed seafood ravioli which is just as delicious as sustainable seafood pasta that can double as a salad with a few adjustments. For those who enjoy color with their food, zucchini-glazed spaghetti casts a fun green hue while seafood curry pasta offers a rainbow-like color palette.