These Lasagna Cupcakes Make Dinner Almost as Fun as Dessert

 - Feb 27, 2012
References: cupcakeproject
Stefani, from the adventurous blog ‘Cupcake Project,' is at it again with these eyebrow-raising Lasagna Cupcakes. No, these cupcakes are not remotely sweet, they are exactly as the name suggests: cupcakes made out of lasagna. Dedicated to all things cupcake, Stefani takes pride in her ability to manipulate savory favorites into cupcake-shaped servings. For those who enjoy kitschy pint-size bites, these Lasagna Cupcakes are a must-have for your dinner plate.

A fun and tasty way to get your meal portions under control, these Lasagna Cupcakes let you eat the food you love without going overboard; unless you eat eight, in which case you’re on your own. A playful way to serve up supper to finicky kids and adults alike, these Lasagna Cupcakes will distract complainers with their dessert-like shape. Remember, the sight of a cupcake sleeve never fails to subdue whining.

Cute, quirky and delicious, these Lasagna Cupcakes will have you wondering why you don’t consume all your meals in a cupcake format.