From Antioxidant Greek Yogurts to Lobster Ravioli Dishes

 - Jul 9, 2015
These Mediterranean dishes are packed with all the flavors that make up Mediterranean culture. From creamy Greek yogurt to savory Egyptian hummus, these dishes will satisfy all Mediterranean food cravings.

These Mediterranean dishes also include various meat-free meals. Grilled eggplant steaks make a great beef substitute that melts in anyone's mouth while chickpea-based veggie burgers are just as tasty as the real thing. During snack time, a variety of Egyptian-themed dips bring a savory Mediterranean flare. Kale hummus refashions the traditional recipe while nacho cheese hummus is a cultural culinary mash-up.

For dessert, confections from France make the best sweet treat. Co-branded cream puffs fuse fashion and food whereas pumpkin pie macaroons are smokey and sweet.