These French Toast Macarons Sport All Your Morning Meal Favorites

 - Mar 12, 2012
The dedicated blogger known only as Lemonpi created these breakfast-inspired French Toast Macarons in honor of a friend's birthday. A powerhouse of decadence, these condensed sweet morning meal morsels are shamelessly rich. Taking on the flavor profiles of all your favorite breakfast foods, these French Toast Macarons are impossible to resist.

To make the shells of the macaron more like french toast, Lemonpi swapped out the usual almond meal for fine breadcrumbs, which altered the overall texture of the macaron. The shells were then topped with a piping of buttery smokey bacon custard, as well as a few pieces of maple glazed bacon. These French Toast Macarons are the perfect delicate bite for sugar-loving carnivores everywhere. Topped with a light dusting of bacon and a maple syrup glaze, these tasty bites are enough to make anyone's jaw drop.

Terribly tempting, decadent and downright evil, these French Toast Macarons deliver all the taste of breakfast in one delicious bite.