From Breakfast Dessert Hybrids to Intergalactic Macaron Flavors

 - Jul 16, 2015
These non-traditional French desserts put an unconventional spin on iconic French-made pastries. No country does desserts like France but these confections portray a different side to well-known French treats.

The Paris-Brest is a very popular choux pastry filled with praline cream. However, Tara Jarmon and La P√Ętisserie remix the iconic dish to create a couture cream puff filled with raspberry cream. Numerous countries have tried their hand at a creme brulee but none are as non-traditional as the avocado brulee and Eggslut's Egg Brulee. The macaroon is the most notorious French pastry and these non-traditional French desserts feature a wide selection of the micro cake.

Semi Sweet's Star Wars macaroons give the pastry a geeky spin while Laduree's 'Alice in Wonderland' macaroons are quirky by design.