These Sushi Food-Shaped Donut Treats are a Rare Food Fusion

 - Jun 29, 2013
References: & buzzfeed
Sushido is the latest food fusion by donut brand Mister Donut that offers consumers the opportunity to buy sushi food-shaped donuts. Created to look realistically like pieces of sashimi sushi, these miniature sushi donuts look alluringly delicious.

Developed in Thailand, the Sushido sushi food donuts are an extremely popular dessert item. Packaged just like a boxed sushi set, the Sushido comes with nine miniature eclair-shaped donuts, that simulate the sushi rice. Each donut is then covered in a colorful sashimi-inspired icing design that looks just like pieces of raw fish. Each donut is then finished with a black edible piece of icing to simulate the wrapped seaweed. While in Asia sushi is an extremely popular meal option, I think these Sushido boxes would sell well in North America as a delicious gimmick dessert item.