Dude Foods Creates a Hybrid Dessert Dubbed the 'Crupcake'

 - Dec 6, 2014
References: dudefoods & foodbeast
The cronut has paved the way for equally amazing hybrid desserts and this croissant cupcake is a great example. Dubbed the 'Crupcake,' the croissant cupcake is exactly what it sounds like. Made using croissant dough, the dessert takes on the shape of a cupcake and even boasts a delicious layer of icing on top.

Created by the fine folks over at Dude Foods, the croissant cupcake was inspired by a comment by one of their readers. The readers suggested "simply layer croissant sheets inside a cupcake pan and pour cupcake batter over them to bake. When that didn't work (since the croissant layers were undercooked), Nick decided to make the croissant parts beforehand and then pour cupcake batter over them before baking the whole thing again," reports FoodBeast.