From French Fry Taco Shells to Meatless Taco Salads

 - Jul 15, 2015
These unconventional Mexican meals refashion a number of Mexican dishes.

While Mexican food is quite popular and delicious as is, various foodies have refashioned traditional Mexican meals to suit their eccentric taste buds. These unconventional dishes feature a wide range of tacos that offer all kinds of savory flavors. Spaghetti shell tacos offer both Italian and Mexican cuisine whereas breakfast biscuit tacos transform a hearty morning meal into a Mexican delicacy. These refashioned dishes also include various non-traditional dips such as grilled cherry salsa and mango guacamole.

Moreover, these remixed Mexican meals also offer various nacho dishes. Macaroni nachos fuse various cheesy elements while nacho poutine offers a variety of different cheeses.