Health's Fruity Dip Recipe is a Fresh Twist on a Mexican Food Classic

 - Mar 16, 2015
References: health's cranberry salsa recipe is a fresh take on a Mexican cuisine favorite. While most salsa dips are made from a combination of tomato, onion and spice ingredients, this berry-infused recipe adds a hint of sweetness to your nacho snack.

Made from fresh cranberries, celery stalks, white union and jalapeno pepper, this cranberry salsa recipe boasts a unique taste that is enhanced with a blend of sea salt and cilantro toppings.

The recipe is also topped with a hint of sugar and lime juice, combining tangy and citrusy flavors with the naturally semi-sweet and bitter taste of cranberries. Once chopped, blend your dip mixture in a food processor, refrigerate and your sauce is ready to serve with chips or crackers.