From Grilled Pineapple Nachos to Vegan Yam Nachos

 - Sep 18, 2015
These unconventional nacho dishes are tasty remixes of the well-known Mexican meal. Snack lovers everywhere will appreciate these incredibly tasty takes on a familiar treat.

Vegan yam nachos replace the usual tortilla chip with sweet potato fries for an inclusive meal that is healthy and delicious. Blackened tuna nachos replace beef for tuna and utilize watermelon opposed to salsa. Honestly Yum's nacho dish incorporates a fruity flavor; the blog's grilled pineapple nachos are topped with Hawaiian pizza ingredients for a burst of tropical flavors.

These nontraditional nacho dishes also include dessert nachos such as the Cupcake Project's confetti-covered sweet nachos, El Pollo Loco's salty and sweet chocolate nachos and Michael Voltaggio's Oreo cookie nachos.