These Unsual Tacos Provide a Vibrant Flavor and Hue

 - Jul 2, 2015
References: foodrepublic
Green Scallop Tacos may sound like an unconventional dish -- with an unsightly color palette -- but this Mexican-inspired meal is just as tasty as all other taco dishes.

The basic taco dish offers an array of colors due to its use of various vegetables. However, where this dish lacks in tomatoes, onions and more, it succeeds in a delicious green chili. Featuring a green Hulk color, this chili is incredibly easy to make which makes the rest of this dish just as simple.

Wrapped in corn flour tortillas, the interior of these tacos feature juicy scallops on a bed of the aforementioned salsa verde. Though Green Scallop Tacos are quite the delectable dish, the green chili also pairs quite well with breakfast eggs and nachos.