From Autumnal Pumpkin Chilis to Creamy Avocado Pastas

 - Nov 24, 2015
When it comes to easy dinner ideas that will satisfy a family, it's imperative to keep things simple and quick to prepare, which are two factors that this collection takes into account. Children -- much more so than adults -- are picky eaters, which means it's crucial to keep dishes interesting to appeal to discerning palates. As such, you'll find strange infusions and interestingly easy ways to serve dishes without having to buy special ingredients.

Many of the easy dinner ideas you'll find here are family-focused, in that they highlight a slightly heavier profile; rice, potato and other root veggies are used to make smaller portions fill up eaters more evenly than larger portions of lighter fare.

Whether it's something to whip up for the family on a weeknight or something to serve on Sunday evening, these easy dinner ideas have both parents and kids covered.