Frozen Dinners by Tommy's Superfoods Are Packed with Nutrients

Made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients like kale, quinoa, spinach and Brussels sprouts, these pre-packaged meals by Tommy's Superfoods prove that frozen dinners don't have to be unhealthy. One of the best things about these frozen meals is that when you're looking at their labels, none of the ingredients or seasonings are foreign-sounding or too hard to pronounce. The certified vegan meal options enhance ordinary vegetables and grains with seasonings inspired by cuisines from around the world, as seen in dinner options like Santa Fe Rice, Fiesta Quinoa and Cajun Potatoes.

Powered by a variety of superfood ingredients, the meals are loaded with Vitamins A and C. Keeping a stash of these frozen food bags is a quick and convenient way to keep hunger at bay and indulge in a meal that's actually good for you.