From Festive Peppermint Shakes to Roasted Cherry Smoothies

 - Jan 5, 2016
Convenience reigns supreme when it comes to the modern consumer, so drinkable food varieties like this collection of dessert beverage examples are the ultimate way to treat that isn't time-consuming.

Health-conscious consumers proliferated the smoothie revolution to new heights within recent years, which eventually gave way to more indulgent ideas once it entered the mainstream. As a result, this collection of dessert beverages contains everything from smoothie recipes, to prepackaged milkshakes that are designed to satisfy after a meal without any chewing required.

While the idea of dessert beverages might conjure the notion of health or low-calorie, this isn't exactly the case; many varieties found here are healthy in nature, but others don't skimp when it comes to packing in delicious albeit calorie-laden ingredients.