B'More Organics' Strawberry Protein Smoothie is Made with Skyr

 - Jun 6, 2015
References: bmoreorganic & bevindustry
B'More Organic just launched a new Strawberry Skyr protein smoothie, boasting 36 grams of protein per bottle—this is about two to three times the amount that can be found in a comparable amount of Greek yogurt.

Skyr tends to be very popular in Iceland, but it is just catching on in the North American market because of its high protein and calcium content, low sugar, fat-free qualities and a taste that's similar to Greek yogurt. Because it's prepared with skim milk, a lot of the lactose is actually consumed by the bacteria, which makes it safe for those with lactose sensitives to eat.

The drink is made with no added sugar, although organic stevia extract powder is listed on the ingredients to make this bottled protein smoothie go down even easier.