From Drinkable Meal Replacements to Beer-Flavoring Powders

 - Dec 18, 2015
While many powdered drink mixes used to be thought of as beverage products reserved for kids, they are now emerging as a convenient way for people of all ages to enhance the flavor, nutritional content or benefits of a base beverage.

Instant coffee and hot cocoa are being enhanced with unique flavors like peanut butter, chai and even cayenne. While water is most commonly enhanced, powdered mixes from Ajigen have the power to make beer taste more like different types of fruit.

Powdered drink mixes are also being introduced as efficient and healthy ways to energize, instead of relying on energy drinks and coffee. Examples of this include Beta Red's pre-workout beet juice powder, as well as the Macaccino drink mix, which increases alertness and supplies the body with more nutritional benefits than a traditional cup of coffee.