This Gourmet Drink Mix Features a Hint of Cayenne

'Lake Champlain Chocolates' is producing a spicy hot chocolate mix that is infused with traditional Mexican flavors. In ancient Mexico the Aztecs would add vanilla and chili peppers to cocoa beans in order to make a flavorful chocolate drink. In the modern era, this unique combination of sweet and spicy ingredients has proved particularly popular with consumers.

The new spicy hot chocolate mix from Lake Champlain Chocolates honors the traditional Aztec spices. The drink mix contains a blend of cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne, which provides the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The mix is designed to be prepared with milk in order to give the gourmet hot chocolate a rich and full-bodied taste. Not only is the hot chocolate delicious, but it is also fair trade certified.

The gourmet mix allows consumers to indulge in a traditional Aztec treat.