These Four Sigma Foods Water Packets Supply the Body with 'Mind Herbs'

The 'Mind Herbs' water packets from Four Sigma Foods use a blend of pure herbs to: improve memory, learning, encourage calm relaxation, reduce stress and restore balance in the body.

As a company that specializes in superfood products, this particular water additive is powered by four potent adaptogens: eleuthero, gotu kola, goji berries and ahwagandha, traditionally used in Eastern medicine. The caffeine-free, sugar-free and gluten-free powder is said to have a bittersweet flavor and dissolves when added to cold water.

Since consuming water is so vital to health, many consumers are seeking enriched products like these that deliver more than just hydration. This includes beverages that are enhanced with vitamins, minerals and even caffeine to deliver a boost to instantly improve one's mental and physical state.