Labnosh's Meal Replacement Drinks are Fortified by Grains and Veggies

As the lives of consumers become busier, people are seeking out portable snacks and meals, including nutrient-dense foods and meal replacement drinks. Around the world, it is anticipated that the global meal replacement market will only continue to expand over the next few years.

In Korea, the INTAKEfoods start-up is setting itself apart as an innovator in meal replacement drinks with Labnosh. The Labnosh Starter Kit is branded as "The Future of Food" and includes five simple, yet unique beverage flavors. Unlike many meal replacement shakes that come in basic flavors like strawberry and vanilla, Labnosh stands apart from the rest with combinations of grains and vegetables in Granola Yogurt, Green Cereal, UVA Milktea and purple Sweet Potato.

In terms of taste, these meal replacement drinks are said to be similar to a Korean traditional powder made from mixed grains.