From Superfood-Infused Waters to Citrusy Sugarcane Drinks

 - Sep 25, 2016
From functional waters to naturally sweetened juices, the September 2016 beverage trends reveal a clear emphasis on healthier drink options. Indeed, the sugary sodas and energy drinks of the past are currently being replaced by a new breed of healthy beverage alternatives.

One of the biggest shifts in the beverage industry has been the rise of functional waters and sparkling waters. As the September 2016 beverage trends reveal, consumers are eagerly turning towards products such as birch tree waters, waters infused with goji berries and fruit-flavored seltzers.

Beyond functional waters, consumers are also looking for more natural versions of sugar-rich beverages such as soda and energy drinks. As a result, beverage brands are increasingly using natural sweeteners such as raw sugarcane and stevia instead of sugar.