VoilĂ  is Introducing Itself as the "World's Best Instant Coffee"

 - Aug 5, 2016
References: voila.coffee & kickstarter
With a campaign on Kickstarter, VoilĂ  is hoping to introduce itself to the world as one of the best instant coffees in the world.

What sets this "specialty instant coffee" apart is that it is sourced from the top roasters in the US, brewed to perfection and freeze-dried into a conveniently crystallized form. From there, it is packaged into single pouches that can be combined with water in order to create a satisfyingly high-quality coffee without the need for specialty brewing equipment or visiting an expensive coffee chain.

The expansion of global coffee culture makes it seem as though consumers need to be a barista who has the right knowledge and tools to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. Instant coffee is often looked down upon by coffee enthusiasts as sub-par, but it is so convenient that consumers are beginning to see the benefits of enjoying it when it is pre-made with the same level of care as other coffee products.