McDonald's Japan's Created a Shake Made from Okinawa Pineapples

As part of its Summer Shake series, McDonald's Japan created a creamy fruit drink made from Okinawa pineapples. The new menu item is part of an ongoing push by the chain to offer more dishes made from locally grown ingredients that will appeal to regional taste preferences.

The pineapple shake made its debut earlier this summer as part of the By McSWEETS product line. The drink is made with fresh pineapples grown on the island of Okinawa. The island is one of Japan's biggest pineapple producers, making it the perfect source for creating a dish that appeals to regional preferences. McDonald's Japan also plays up the island imagery in its ads for the new drink.

The tropical pineapple shake demonstrates how quick service restaurants are experimenting with local ingredients to make dishes that will appeal to specific global markets.