The Single-Serve Pods from Ethical Bean are Fully Compostable

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: preparedfoods
The Vancouver-based company Ethical Bean Coffee recently debuted a line of single-serve coffee pods that are 100 percent compostable. Although coffee pods are convenient, many consumers have expressed concerns over the environmental impact of the disposable containers. Now there is a more sustainable option for those who want to find a more eco-friendly way to use their single-serve coffee maker.

The comestible coffee pods created by Ethical Bean are in line with the company's commitment to fair and eco-friendly production practices. The pods themselves are made from a unique combination of renewable materials, including coffee bean chaff. The single-serve pods can be thrown directly into the compost bin and will fully break down after just 84 days making them an eco-friendly alternative to non-recyclable pods.