Buchi's Healthy Frozen Floats are Packed with Healing Ingredients

 - Aug 12, 2016
References: drinkbuchi
Buchi is a producer of a range of kombucha products that includes bottled beverages and frozen floats that are quite unlike any other.

To follow the theme set by the beverages in the Elemental, Intentional and Seasonal Series, two floats have been created as part of the Arctic Series. The 'Air Sorbet' and the 'Fire Sorbet' frozen desserts are made with a range of healthy ingredients, including a base of flavorful kombucha, fresh fruits and vegetables pineapple and beets, plus herbs and other medicinal ingredients like echinacea, ginger and peppermint. Whereas the Air Sorbet is minty and refreshing in flavor, the Fire Sorbet is described as "cold and spicy."

Buchi notes that its products appeal to "kombucha aficionados and recovering soda drinkers."