From Hydrating Travel Tablets to Cold-Brewed Coffee Packets

 - Nov 5, 2015
These water additives take the form of powders, soluble tablets and mix-in liquids that are designed to add energy, flavor, health benefits and more.

In addition to drinking water for hydration alone, people are now turning to water as a means to supercharge beauty and overall wellness. For the upkeep of one's appearance, individual 'Glow Sticks' from Bliss Labs include a formula rich in vitamins and superfruits that nourishes the body. Similarly, products from Nerush, Four Sigma Foods and Cocogo are loaded with vitamins and minerals that support performance during high-energy activities.

One of the most potent water additives of all is Ambronite's Organic Drinkable Meal, which combines with just water to provide a full meal replacement that's equivalent to 500 calories.

While there are plenty of pre-mixed bottled water beverages that offer the same kinds of benefits as these water additives, these forms allow consumers greater flexibility when it comes to transporting and consuming an amount that's to their liking.