EnDizz' Packets Help to Prevent a Hangover Naturally Before Drinking

EnDizz is a 100% natural product that's new to India, designed to prevent hangovers from happening in the first place. The problem that EnDizz addresses is prevention, since the packets must be consumed prior to any drinking. As such, the vibrant neon pouches are designed to stand out in places like pharmacies and liquor shops, so that they can be purchased before any drinking happens.

Each of the packets designed by The Neon Project is printed with a funny message, urging consumers to indulge in EnDizz before getting drunk. Humorous messages include ones like "Karma has no deadlines," or "Aliens abducted the boss on Sunday night." Although an alien abduction is not likely to save you from having to face work on a Monday morning, at least a refreshing lemon or orange detox powder will have you bounding out of bed.